This course is designed for existing Learner Permit/Licence Holders that may need some help with particular aspects of their riding . This could include ‘Slow Control’, ‘U Turn’, Stationary Vehicle Overtake Exercise, Emergency Reduction of Speed exercise etc. (all of which are part of the motorcycle test now).

Also included are the ‘Technical Aspects’ of the bike, covering basic maintenance and the ‘P.O.W.D.E.R.S.’ check. In the intermediate motorcycle training course, students further their knowledge in collision avoidance, safety gear and lane positioning. In addition to more on-the-road instruction, intermediate courses provide training in performing routine motorcycle maintenance tasks. The intermediate motorcycle course may include training exercises to enhance swerving, emergency braking and traction management. It can, of course, also focus on any aspect of riding that you would like more guidance with.

This course will normally take a 1/2 day or a full day, depending on your experience and personal objectives.

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